What are Sperm Motility and its effect on Fertility

Sperm motility can be described as the potential of the sperm to move freely through the reproductive tract of the female. The sperm then passes through the reproductive tract and reaches the egg for the fertilization process. Sperm motility can be used to describe the quality of the sperm, the sperm which will swim easily will reach the egg quickly, and hence the fertilization process will occur without any problem.

But if the sperm is finding difficulty in reaching the eggs, then struggles in fertilization occurs which results in infertility problem. Hence infertility and sperm motility are inversely connected, which means more sperm motility; lesser is the chance of problem of infertility.

To reach the eggs, the sperm must have at least an increasing speed of 25 micrometres a second. The problem of reduced sperm motility is also called Asthenozoospermia. When only 32{d1fd1324cb7aedcd00148b10ed9fd85e3fe67e92b90615b6977b2411f2f691a9} of the sperm or less than 32{d1fd1324cb7aedcd00148b10ed9fd85e3fe67e92b90615b6977b2411f2f691a9} can move efficiently through the reproductive tract, then the person is suffering from the sperm motility. Around 25-30{d1fd1324cb7aedcd00148b10ed9fd85e3fe67e92b90615b6977b2411f2f691a9} of infertility cases in males occur due to sperm motility problems.

Poor sperm motility can be one of the reasons for infertility. Hence good sperm motility is one of the indicators of the better health of the sperm.

But when it comes to sperm motility, then an important question arises that what are the causes of low sperm motility. The origins of sperm motility vary from person to person to person. Hence there is no definite cause of sperm motility.

But few reasons which can decrease the sperm motility are-

  • Testicle damage – Sperms are produced in the testicles and hence, any physical damage to testicles can result in weak sperm and can reduce sperm motility.
  • Infections in the reproductive part – Any disease in the reproductive part of the male can result in a decrease in sperm motility.
  • Testicular cancer – Testicular cancer is a significant reason in the decrease of the motility of the sperms and can cause infertility problems in male.
  • Hormonal Defects – There are some hormonal defects which can reduce sperm motility in any male.

So after discussing the causes of the decrease in sperm motility and infertility problem, we can say that poor sperm motility is an essential reason for infertility problems in male. And in case you are facing the issue of infertility, you can get in touch with Dr Shweta Goswami.

Poor sperm motility is the problem caused because of poor quality of sperm. But if we look at the cause of sperm motility, then the primary reason due to which poor sperm motility occurs is due to damage or any problem in testicles. Cancer or any other disease in testicles can also lead to reduced sperm motility. At last, we can describe sperm motility as one of the factors which can cause infertility. Poor sperm motility is one of the common reasons for infertility.


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