Techniques for Learning Meditation

Meditation is simply described as a practice which can calm your mind. This practice is becoming trendy which is a good sign due to its benefits but the common problem is that the people are unable to decide where and how to start the process. To learn meditation Gold Coast, the first step is to find what is right for you. Just like every other exercise, this also varies for different people. There are few good techniques which can be helpful for beginners but this doesn’t mean that all these are important and can be the best choice. Try all and then choose what seems right to you.

Start off with choosing your mantra. Mantra is a phrase or word that you silently repeat in your head while meditation. It can be anything from a motivational quote to a word that means a lot to you but it should be something that doesn’t require you to think about. The word or phrase should be easy and its meaning should be perfectly clear to you so it won’t make you think. The main objective of choosing a mantra is to distract you from your thoughts. A person can only relax if they are not thinking anything so by repeating this mantra again and again distracts your mind to the current thoughts that invade your mind. Next, find a comfortable spot. This spot can be a mat outside, under a tree or even your own room. There is no rule that you have to sit cross-legged on the floor unless you are comfortable with it, and you can sit anywhere where you can keep your back upright. Support yourself with cushions and pillows in case you want to take support. Make comfort your priority or else you won’t be able to relax. The only thing to keep in mind is to find a place where you cannot hear anything else. This makes the process to learn medication gold coast easy as it doesn’t require any special area.

Start the process by closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths. Slowly start inhaling and exhaling. Try to remove all the voices and block all the thoughts. Concentrate only on the ongoing breathing process. Then you are comfortable, start chanting the mantra. Don’t move your lips or tongue and chant the word or words in your head as you have to keep your mouth shut during the whole process. The repetition of the mantra should be gentle and relaxed or else you won’t be able to help but think. Start it slowly if you can’t keep it up and then chant it accordingly to your breaths. Break down the words and on every inhale and exhale chant the words. In some cases, the mantra can become difficult to keep up with so it doesn’t matter if you lose the rhythm of chanting as the basic point is to focus on getting relaxed. If you want to stop, you can stop the mantra. Sometimes the mind also seems to drift away which causes the mantra to stop involuntary. The drifting away is sometimes a sign of relaxation. But this doesn’t mean that the mind will become clouded with thoughts again. Let your mind wander. The thoughts in the back of the head will tease to be in front of your eyes but the relaxed state won’t bother them.

If none of the above happens, you can stop yourself after 20 to 30 minutes of chanting but keep your eyes closed. Also, keep breathing slowly as you were doing. This helps in keeping the mind in a relaxed state as it was before so better not disturb it. This is called a break. This is essential as it gives your body to take over once again so you can wake up with this sleep. Use an alarm with soft tune to alert you of the 30 minutes timeout so you won’t stress out by exhaustion.

Sometimes the process to learn meditation gold coast can make you tired. During meditation, your body and mind get so absorbed in the process that they don’t acknowledge the pressure on the body and when you finally break out of the meditation process, your body feels tired. For this, it is better to keep check about your limit or else this relaxation can go to waste.