Danger Alert: Drink Responsibly

There is possibly none who does not know about the issues with drinking. From losing your instinctive power to losing control over your emotions like anger, from unnecessary fighting to vehicle accidents, anything can happen when you are drunk. What is even more dangerous is abusing medicines for intoxicative effects. People find different ideas to enjoy a euphoric effect. In many cases, people use different medicines instead of actual alcohol and sometimes they mix thins with alcohol to deepen the effect. Along with deepening the intoxicating effect, it can also worsen situation, especially health. The health hazards of drinking are nothing new. Sometimes people even get hospitalized due to such incidents. When alcohol is mixed with medicines, the effect might be something you like, but its effects on health can be heavily hazardous.


Dayquil, one of the most common medicines for cold and flu, is known for its good effects. Like any other medicine, it does have a set of side effects. That is why it should be consumed as mentioned on the label or as prescribed by the physician. People often ask if can you drink on Dayquil or not. The truth is that no medicines should ever get mixed with alcohol. In many cases, the ingredients interact in an adverse way and the result is not good for health. It is necessary to make sure that one waits at least six hours after taking Dayquil to drink alcohol. The medicine remains active for hours in human system. Alcohol should not be consumed during this specific duration. The results of these two things getting mixed within the body will also have negative effects. situation of hospitalization can also arrive as a result of the reaction. It is better to completely refrain from drinking when feeling sick or on Dayquil.