TCM Versus Western Medicine

Chinese natural herbs, tea, acupuncture, qigong, tai chi and cupping, these are all different components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While TCM has been practiced for thousands of years, it has lately been garnering traction as a recognised kind of treatment.

Many of our clients who attend our TCM massage Singapore sessions often question how exactly does TCM differ from western medicine and if they are opposing concepts. As always, we try our best to answer these queries and grant them clarity on the differences and uses of TCM.

The Birth of TCM

Compendium of Materia Medica

Ben Cao Gang Mu was first published during the Wanli time period, and was complied by Li Shizen, an excellent physician from Sichuan. This compendium included 25 parts, similar to that of an encyclopaedia. Within it, the details of about 1,800 medicinal drugs with images along with 11,000 prescriptions can be discovered. Each prescribed natural herb contained details on its kind, form, taste, nature and suggested technique of application.

TCM is Fundamentally Distinct from Western Medical Treatment

In layman terms, western medicine thinks about the body like a car, consisting of several varied systems. Each system requires the appropriate inputs and outputs, and are dealt with in isolation if they encounter trouble. Thus, it often tends to be logical and very concrete.

In sharp comparison, TCM deems the body to be an integrated whole. Since a problem in one system can cause problems in a different part, treatment should be given to the body in its entirety as opposed to the impacted part.

In practice, a difference in therapies can also be observed. Given that western medicine concentrates on a single system at any one time, its therapies often look to get rid of the detected source of concern. A good example is that of antibiotics which function to obliterate harmful microorganisms.

TCM on the other hand considers that health issues happens because of the body losing its balance. Thus, it takes an integrated technique, aiming to restore balance to the body in its entirety rather than just addressing the afflicted area.

When Do Individuals Pick TCM?

Apart from experienced consumers of TCM, new customers who look to Chinese medicine typically do so when they have not gained success with taking western medicine. Because TCM has a different diagnosing technique and helps the entire body get healthier, specific problems have gotten better post TCM treatment.

An additional point of view is to see TCM as a comprehensive system of medicine efficient in incorporating into western medicine. As an example, western medicine is at its best when dealing with emergency circumstance. On the other hand, TCM can be made use of to ease persistent problems and boost the person’s general wellness post emergency situation.