How To Keep Your Teeth Clean Following Professional Cleaning

Depending on your dentist’s recommendation, patients usually schedule professional teeth cleaning Arlington VA session once or twice a year. However, many patients, even those who get their teeth cleaning done more than twice a year don’t do much to keep their teeth clean after each session. Many of us are under the misconception that professional cleaning is more than enough, but that is false.

There are several habits and steps we can all take to ensure the effects of cleaning last longer. Here are some pointers to remember:

  1. Reevaluate The Way You Brush Your Teeth

Yes, everyone knows that we are supposed to brush our teeth twice a day, that’s just basic knowledge. Did you know that the way you brush your teeth can also affect plaque build-up?

After your teeth cleaning Arlington VA session, start pre-rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash that contains calcium. This helps your teeth retain fluoride longer which deters plaque and cavities formation. Don’t forget to brush your tongue and cheeks too, patients who skip this step find themselves needing another cleaning sooner, rather than later.

  1. Invest Time In Interdental Cleaning

In layman’s terms, this just means to floss your teeth regularly. Whether you floss using a water pick or the traditional floss, this will do your teeth a lot of good. Most cavities start in between the teeth because food often gets trapped in between the crevices and grooves.

Regular flossing or interdental cleaning will help reduce plaque build-up while also reducing the chances of cavity formation. Make flossing a part of your daily routine, your dentist can tell if you do, and your mouth will greatly benefit for the additional step.

  1. Avoid The Following Bad Dental Habits

As we are all aware, there are certain habits we practice that cause harm to our teeth, gums, and general oral health. After cleaning, it is best to avoid these habits, or better yet put a stop to them. These are some of the most harmful habits patients must consider quitting:

Drinking Soda – Frequent consumption of soda and other fizzy drinks will negatively impact your oral health. The amount of sugar in soda is bad for the health of your teeth while other ingredients such as citric acid will corrode your tooth’s natural enamel. The occasional drink isn’t bad, but regular consumption will affect your oral health.

Smoking – There is no denying that smoking is bad for your health. Not only will smoking stain your teeth brown, but it can also lead to gum disease and even mouth cancer.

Biting On Hard Items – Biting down on ice cubes, opening packages using your teeth, and other habits can cause chipping or premature enamel corrosion.

Ask Your Dentist For More Information

If you aren’t aware of any practices and habits that you should avoid after teeth cleaning, simply ask your dentist. Your dental clinic will happily answer any of your questions and address all your concerns. As long as you follow your dentist’s advice and recommendations, your teeth will stay clean and plaque-free for longer!

If you are looking for the best dentist for your teeth cleaning Arlington VA, schedule an appointment with our team at Arlington Advanced Dental Care. Let us help you bring back that perfect smile!