Fix The Problem Of Bowed Legs Among Children

The definition of bowlegs among children is quite simple. When the leg is bent outward, even the ankles are merged. The bowed leg in children (ทารก ขา โก่ง,   which is the term in Thai) is observed at the time teenager. This type of problem leads to serious health issues, and therefore children cannot walk or stand properly. There are specific therapies to use this type of problem, and some of the causes and treatments are given below.

Risk Factor

After understanding the early symptoms of buckling legs, you might know the risk factors involved. Some of the risk factors are

Overweight – overweight is such a problem where the baby’s leg is bent outward, and this type of problem is observed in young children.

Heredity is one of the rarest cases, but the chances are high. The events of babies born with deformities cause natural bent in the leg.

What Causes Bow Leg?

Some babies are born with bow legs, and some discover this act earlier. Specific causes of bow legs are.

Blount Disease

It is a type of disease when the growth around the knees gradually decreases day by day. Either the process will stop, or new bone outside the knee will continue the developing process. It can either occur in both knees or at one. The disease will affect children whose age is below ten years.


It is a type of bone disease usually observed due to the lack of efficiency of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. All you need to do is have strong bones by consuming the source of food from which you can get calcium and vitamin. The condition can trigger a genetic problem. Therefore, vitamin D is highly recommended to get relief. Knee injury or infection is also one of the major causes.

How To Cure Them?

To cure the problem of bow legs among children, leg muscles exercise is one of the best treatments. Adjust the walking posture whenever your child is walking. Try to avoid standing with bent legs. Insignificant cases, surgery is the option that can correct angina. Enhance health through nutrition and proper exercise. Consume calcium and vitamins and therefore reduce the risk of bow leg quickly.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, fix the problem of bow legs among children with proper treatment and exercise. Highly nutritious food will nourish the health, and training will give appropriate posture to the body.