Color It Right: Best Lipstick Colors For Your Skin Tone

Lipstick is the most basic thing that you can use to enhance your appearance. A shade of lipstick looks good on someone and not on the others because it fits their skin tone and their undertone.

Choosing lipstick color to match your skin tone (เลือก สี ลิ ป ให้ เข้า กับ สี ผิว, which is the term in Thai) is important. It can be easy if you understand your undertone.

In this article, we will first discuss these two terms, and then we will find out what colors are best for which undertone.

Understanding Skin Tone and Undertone

Skin tone is the color of the outer surface of your skin. It may vary with the sun and heat exposure. Skin tones are often referred to as skin colors. These are generally categorized as pale, fair, brown, and dark.

Undertone is a huge beneath your upper skin. It has a big impact on the appearance of colors on your skin. Skin tones are categorized as cool, neutral, and warm.

Choosing the Right Shade as per The Skin Tone and Undertone

When you are aware of your skin tone and undertone, you can easily pick lipstick shades that will shine on you. Usually, undertones help more in getting the right hue for your lips than skin color.

Let’s find out which shades are best for whom:

Lipstick For Cool Undertones

Skin with a pinkish or blue hue beneath it has a cool undertone. Let’s pick your shades:

  • Bold Reds: Whether your skin tone is light or dark, if you have a cool undertone, blue-based, bold reds are a thing for you. These colors will complement your skin and make your smile brighter by complementing your teeth.
  • Berry and Plums: These shades are best for cool undertones. If you like to keep it subtle but still want to make a buzz, go for these shades.
  • Pinks: Who doesn’t love pink lips, and that too when it rocks on a cool undertone skin? From pastels to dusties to magenta, pick your pink as per the mood.
  • Lipstick for Warm Undertones: Skin with yellow, peach, and purplish hues underneath the skin is considered to be of a warm undertone. The colors that suit you best are:
  • Brick Reds: These warm shades of red are just meant to complement the golden flush of warm undertones. Brick red, terracotta red, and all the earthy shades of red are your hues.
  • Corals and Oranges: Coral lips complement the warm undertone of the skin. No other undertone can complement an orange lipstick as the warm one.
  • Warm Nudes: Nude lipsticks with hints of peach or caramel harmonize best with the golden hue of your warm undertone.

Lipstick For Neutral Undertones

If you are among the lucky individuals who have a balanced mix of both warm and cool undertones, you can rock whichever color you wish on your lips.

From muted pinks to rosy browns, from the brightest red on the palette to the deepest plum, and every shade in between, there is nothing that doesn’t go well with a neutral undertone.


Undertones of the skin affect the appearance of colors against the skin. With the right choice of colors for your lipstick, makeup, and outfit, you can stand out in the crowd easily.

While choosing and trying lipsticks, make sure you apply them in natural light and wait a little until the pigment settles in its real shade after applying.