7 Hidden Signs of Bladder Cancer People Ignore

The gallbladder is an organ situated right under your liver. It supplies bile to the liver which assists in digesting fat. While you might not think much about this tiny organ, it plays an important role in your body.  Bladder cancer symptoms, just like other cancer symptoms, must be recognized at an early stage for the condition to be treated effectively. Usually, bladder cancer originates in the bladder lining, after which it spreads into the bladder muscle. Upon reaching an advanced stage, this cancer can spread to other body parts as well. While a lump is the most prominent indication of bladder cancer, it is not always easy to feel or see the lump in your bladder. Here are some of the hidden gallbladder symptoms that mustn’t be ignored-

1)      Yellowing Of Skin

Yellowing of skin and eyes is termed as jaundice. It is advisable to get in touch with a specialist immediately if you notice an odd tint. According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the yellow coloration is a result of bile build-up caused by a tumor in the gallbladder.

2)    Persistent Stomach Pain

Abdominal pain is often associated with indigestion or period cramps. If it is your upper-right abdomen region that is affected, it could be an indication that you have gallbladder cancer. If you feel a sharp pain that persists in a part of your abdomen, visit a bladder cancer treatment hospital to get yourself diagnosed.

3)      Flu-like Feeling

While nausea and vomiting might not be gallbladder cancer symptoms, they can indicate a problem with your bladder when combined with other symptoms such as jaundice and pain. If you feel you or any of your family members have flu-like symptoms along with other hidden signs, it is advisable to visit your doctor straight away.

4)    Stomach Feels Larger

You must get yourself diagnosed if you have excessive abdominal bloating. The enlarged gallbladder can be felt by the doctors with the help of a physical examination in certain cases. An ultrasound is done in other cases to detect cancer.

5)    Presence of Gallstones

You are at a higher risk of developing gallbladder cancer if you have a gallstone history. Gallstone is a small pebble-like mixture of cholesterol, bile, and calcium that hinders your gallbladder’s functioning. Keep a track of all the symptoms if you have had gallstones in the past.

6)    Loss of Weight (Without exercising or dieting)

Loss of appetite is a common phenomenon but if it prolongs and you start shedding weight, it’s time to get yourself checked. Loss of appetite is believed to be one of the common gallbladder cancer symptoms according to the American Cancer Society.

7)    Family History of Gall Bladder Cancer

Family history is considered a silent player in your future health. According to a study published in the journal “gut”, the risk of developing bladder cancer is higher in those with a family history of gallbladder cancer.

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