When it comes to cosmetic procedures one expects not only the symptomatic benefit but also the desirable aesthetic results. In hair transplant procedure the appropriate growth of hair is important but it would be of no use if the aesthetics are not appropriately taken into consideration and results in fake looking appearance. Everyone wants their hair transplant to look natural and undetectable so as to avoid ugly appearance of fake results.

In earlier times it was a limitation in the field of hair transplant to achieve natural results because of inadequate innovations to fulfill the requirement. Nowadays, with the innovative latest technology it is absolutely possible to achieve best possible results with natural look. This should be kept in mind that innovative technology provided to human race is not sufficient to enhance the delivered results; it requires expertise of surgical and artistic skills of a surgeon to utilize these innovations into favored outcomes. Many clinics in the name of recent innovations are looting the patients and because of recruited substandard technicians to perform the surgery are delivering disappointing results which might or might not be rectified.

No one wants the results of cosmetic surgeries to be obvious as they are been performed to hide the flaws and unnatural results will make the treatment noticeable.

There are multiple approaches which should be taken care of to achieve natural and undetectable results:

  1. Excellent surgical skills: The success of any treatment relies on the skills of the surgeon. Especially with cosmetic treatments like hair transplant when the work is purely precision based. For excellent surgical skills a surgeon should be highly qualified and experienced. Including the years of experience noticing patient footfall is also important. FUT technique if performed by expert hands along with trichophytic closure is successful in delivering almost invisible scar which is a great achievement in terms of aesthetics. FUE technique when performed with appropriate punch size would deliver least visible scars but if performed with large size punch leaves ugly appearing doll’s head appearance. Hence, knowledge of performing the procedure is utmost important for successful desirable results.
  2. Appropriate technique: The technique opted is one of the biggest decision in hair transplantation as permanency of results and natural appearance both relies on it. Hence, one should carefully choose the surgeon who has holistic approach and is not just relying on single technique for hair transplantation. Combination technique nowadays is majorly preferred as FUT hair transplant technique has added advantage over FUE in terms of natural looking results. Single grafts segregated by FUT technique could be implanted in the frontal line and temporal triangles for natural looking results. Multiple thick grafts obtained by FUE are implanted in the rear rows for added voluminous look. Hence, the judicious use of techniques could enhance the results to a major extend in terms of natural look.
  3. Fulfilling aesthetic needs by artistic approach: Surgical skills could be gained by experience but artistic approach is something which is an inbuilt trait and cannot be achieved by experience. If a surgeon has artistic approach too, it is sure that your hair transplant results would look surely natural. The implanted follicles needs to be inclined properly to assure the natural look and not just placed at right angle to the scalp. Including, the arrangement of follicles in the front hairline is an important consideration with building appropriate temporal triangles. These considerations could only be justified by expert artistic hands.
  4. Appropriate magnification for least damage rate: The damage rate of the hair follicles should be kept to minimum to achieve desired fuller look. The damage rate is directly associated with the expertise of the clinician and hence one of the reason to look for a qualified and experienced surgeon. Including hair transplant is a précised procedure and numerous details cannot be seen by naked eyes so it becomes mandatory to perform each step under magnification for aesthetic outcomes.
  5. Appropriate armamentarium: If excellent surgical hands accompany with world class instruments, undoubtedly the results will be fruitful and appreciable. Hence, a clinic should be well equipped with latest technology to offer the best possible results with natural look.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer in delivering the most natural results of hair transplant. If assessed on these enlisted parameters, Medispa will surely be on the top.

Dr Suneet Soni is one such fortunate surgeon who is unique in his artistic skills along with the surgical skills he pursue. This unique talent makes him deliver undetectable and natural results. He is one of the most famous hair transplant surgeon to perform combination technique of FUT+FUE in association with PRP therapy as he only has introduced this technique in Delhi and Jaipur.