Unique New Piece of Home Exercise Equipment for Rebuilding Your Body

If you are tired or have no way to get to a gym, and you really do not like to just walk and run for exercise, here is something you are going to love. This is the best at-home piece of exercise equipment. It is called the Maxi Climber System and is really a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment for your home.

What is this?

Your question is what a vertical climber is – describing it can be hard. It is a piece of exercise equipment that is thin and goes up like you are climbing the side of a wall. Places for your feet to work up and down at the bottom and places for your hands to go up and down located at the higher point of the vertical equipment. It is like climbing stairs while climbing a wall at the same time.


What is so unique about this piece of equipment is that it’s a combination of weight resistance with muscle toning as well as aerobic exercise for a full-body workout using only one piece of equipment in the comfort of your own home. This maxi climber combines calorie-burning cardio with the toning of your muscles in one easy move – up and down. And the results mean a new and healthy you.

Less fat – more lean muscle

Less fat, more lean muscle means that you get the best of both worlds with MaxiClimber which has many advantages including:

  • Based on HIIT principles to maximize the burning of fat.
  • Low-impact movements making it perfect for beginners, elderly as well as those with prior injuries.
  • Compact making it ideal for small apartments, basements, garages as well as patios.
  • Lose weight & tone at the same time.

Burn calories – muscle toning

This piece of equipment has shown to effectively burn calories while supporting muscle toning with its unique design. It targets the upper body, core, and lower body at the same time and will skyrocket the burning of calorie and building of lean muscle. It also is easy to store under a bed, or in a closet or in a corner of a room.