Liberty International CBD

Before Liberty International CBD was founded in 2013, Frank Haggerty has been involved in the cannabis industry in Colorado and California.

At a young age, Frank experienced autoimmune disease. With this hardship in mind, he wanted to find a way to help others who were struggling the same way he was and still continues to. He was determined to discover a remedy and relief during their struggle. He began by proposing CBD to his friends & family. Then, was motivated to advance his knowledge and further his education and acquir a degree in alternative medicine. It did not stop there; he tirelessly searched for the best products.

Once states in the east coast finally legalized CBD, Liberty International CBD was then founded in Pennsylvania. He pitched the idea to his girlfriend, Kayla, and together they decided a plan for Liberty International CBD. After traveling throughout the east coast and speaking to dedicated customers and patients, they decided that they would, “build a brand based on the customer.”

At Liberty International CBD, they promise to tailer each product to fit their customers’ needs. At their core, they want to make sure that their customers are not eating their money on a product that does not work for them. They want them to advance in the recovery process and be the next success story.