Discovering Radiant Skin: The Marvels Of Discovery Pico Laser Technology

In the world of skincare treatment that is always changing rapidly, Discovery Pico emerges as a new tool benefiting from Picosecond Laser Technology. This innovative laser system, hailing from Italy, has become known around the world for the impressive range of skin issues it can target.

Discovery Pico: Science Uncovered

Discovery Pico works with Picosecond Laser Technology, sending energy at a blazing rate—1 trillionth of a second.

This laser light pulsing at a very high rate distinguishes it from all the traditional methods and is said to be about 100 times faster. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the PD value of 450 PS, and with a maximum power release of 1.8 GW, it lives up to its name in the market for laser technology.

The Phenomenon Of Photoacoustic

The Photoacoustic effect occurs due to the rapid acceleration of laser energy emission. This process includes the absorption of light energy until it creates pressure, diffusing without thermal concentration below the skin. Simply put, Discovery Pico deconstructs abnormal pigments into fine powder particles without affecting surrounding tissues.

This reduces the potential for side effects and, as a result, faster recovery times than traditional treatment methods. Additionally, Pico Laser’s capacity to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis is amazing. When used in combination with the Fractional len array head, it rejuvenates skin and solves several facial problems.

Versatility In Treatment

Discovery Pico does not only work for facial treatments. It caters to diverse skin concerns across the body through different Pico formats:

  • PICO Bright: Improves skin transparency, firms pores and helps with problems such as dark spots and brightness.
  • PICO Deep: Smoothens the skin surface to wrinkles, deep grooves and scars.
  • PICO Tattoo: A cut above tattoo removal especially, with more difficult cases such as the Nevus of Ota.
  • PICO Pigment: It attacks abnormal pigments and helps with blemishes, freckles and dark spots caused by acne.
  • PICO Heat: It lowers skin redness caused by acne, blood spots and even nail fungus.

Advantages Of Discovery Pico

  • High Energy Delivery with Security: The tool provides intense energy levels for perfect outcomes without hurting surrounding skin and thinning.
  • Convenient and Quick Procedures: The Discovery Pico treatments can be performed fast and rehabilitation is quick.
  • Versatility Across Body Parts: This laser system can be applied from the face to sensitive areas with confidence.
  • Certified Standard: Recognized and certified by the FDA, Thailand, USA and Europe confirms its credibility and safety.

To conclude, the Discovery Pico Laser technology represents a source of light for those looking for high-quality and secure skincare procedures. Since it can deal with a range of skin disorders accurately and has the necessary safety approvals, it stands out among all aesthetic treatments available today.