Why women get breast augmentation surgery?

Breasts are one of the most feminine features in women. Unequal shape or size, dissatisfaction with the size, loss due to cancer, or any other reason can cause major stress to an individual if they do not have their desired features in their breasts.

Many women, therefore, go for breast surgery to overcome this problem and get more self-confident about themselves. The most popular among them is breast augmentation surgery.

Females who have smaller breasts and are unhappy with it get this surgery to increase their breast size.

What are the types of Breast Augmentation Antalya?

Mainly two types of boob jobs are offered by cosmetic surgeons. These are namely fat transfer and breast implants.

Fat transfer is what it sounds like. Fat is taken from one part of your body and then used on your breast to enhance its appearance according to the size chosen by you.

Breast implants have gotten very famous recently. They are conducted by two types of materials that are saline and silicone implants. Saline which is saltwater is filled in the silicone shell and then surgically inserted in your body.

Women prefer silicone breast implants because they are less risky than saline breast jobs and are less likely to leak.

What is the procedure for breast surgery?

The whole procedure will take a maximum of two hours. Unlike other cosmetic surgery, breast surgery does not require a compulsory night stay at the hospital.

In typical breast surgery, a surgeon will start with an incision under your arms, under your breast, or around the nipple area. The surgeon then separates the muscle and the breast tissue and fits the implants between them.

After the surgery is complete the incision will be closed with stitches and covered with surgical tape and zo skin health professional okc.

What are the precautions after the surgery?

Swelling and soreness, as well as some amount of pain, will be present for some time. This is the case will all surgeries though. Your doctor will advise you to take plenty of rest and eat healthy food to heal the scar faster.

It is highly recommended to use a surgical bra or a sports bra for a few weeks after the surgery and avoid all physical activities.