The Best Option for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Of all the popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed every year, breast augmentation tops the list. Patients traditionally had two options from which to choose when selecting breast implants- one contains saline and a non-form-stabilizing silicone gel. A new addition is the stable, cohesive Silicone gel implants or gummy bear implants. The amazing benefits it can provide to the patients include the following.

1 – Show a natural shape

 One of the most important benefits of gummy bear implants is their shape. It has a unique design with a projecting lower pole and a tapered upper pole. This type of implant option can often produce more close results to the size of natural breasts. In addition, many patients consider cohesive gel implants to be a good option. It promises to be a more natural experience. Look at Silicone Boobs before and after pictures- you will get a clear idea.

2 – Maintain a better form

These props can better maintain their form as patients move around or change positions. Additionally, these implants have shown fewer signs of ripping and folding. It is believed to help reduce the risk of tears that can eventually lead to an implant rupture. Due to its stability, it is considered less likely to spread to surrounding tissues. It is an advantage should the implant leak.

3 – Less likely to break

The name gummy bear implant comes from the more cohesive silicone within the implant. It is in comparison to other forms. With their strength and properties, gummy bear implants are less likely to break and leak. The fixture keeps it from leaking if a puncture or tear occurs. It is very similar to gummy bear candy.

4 – Fewer wrinkles and folding

A major advantage of having the gummy bear implant is a cohesive and stable gel into its structure. Folds and waves are unlikely. It is because the implant has a different shape, and the filling does not turn inward. The tight molecular bonds of this implant ensure that the shell does not collapse or cause any folds and ripples.

5 – Less scar tissue

Most likely, gel implants will leave with less scar tissue than other implants. For some people, this is because the silicone has less diffusion. Others think it is because the firmness of the implant does not allow the body to contract. Less firm scar tissue is a plus, whatever the reason.

6 – A firm material

Typically, the saline or standard silicone gel implants adjust to breast size. They assume the shape that the force of the breast and the force of gravity allow. Gummy bear implants often hold their shape better than other silicone implants and impose their firmer shape on the breast. As such, they have a distinct shape.

7 – Cost-effective option

A gummy bear implant is a good option to minimize rippling effects. It helps women who have had a previous breast augmentation process. It also helps women with minimal breast tissue. For women with enough tissue, props are an affordable option also. 

Over to you

Silicone gel implants, or gummy bear implants, have surgeons and patients excited about the benefits they bring. Connect with Dr. Daniel Barrett today to get this advantage.