Rise and Glow with the Glo Meditation App

The yoga lifestyle has never been more accessible. For those who want community, there are dozens of studios offering classes in every genre of yoga. However, for those who enjoy being at home in their own unique sacred space – yoga and meditation apps are ideal. And of those apps available – Glo is the holy grail.

Glo Offers Diversity

What are you in the mood for? There’s a class for that. Glo has thousands of classes led by over 50 instructors that are focused on yoga, meditation, and Pilates. One of the outstanding features of this meditation app is a simple introductory interview that addresses your focus, experience, and even the teaching style you prefer. Your answers will streamline the process and get you jumpstarted with suggestions.

The Yoga

What style of yoga is your passion? With the Glo yoga and meditation app, you can choose from twelve styles of practice. Do you love a lively Vinyasa flow or a calming Restorative session? Are you interested in a spiritual awakening with breathwork and Kundalini or a gentle Prenatal program? At Glo, we are confident that we have the perfect option for your journey.

Additionally, for those aspiring yoga teachers or those teachers that are committed to constant learning, you will find an entire series of yoga training choices. Are your sequences getting stale? Learn a series of modern and safe sequences that will enhance or update your teachings. Would you love to incorporate some gentle yoga into your classroom? We have the tools to get you started.

The Meditation

Have you been yearning to begin a committed meditation practice, but feel like you don’t have the time? The Glo meditation app offers sessions at just five minutes. Choose from a gratitude or kindness practice or save your session for bedtime, where you can sleep soundly after a Yoga Nidra or relaxation meditation.

The Pilates

For those seeking the power and strength a mat Pilates program will offer, we’ve got you covered. We have four expert Pilates instructors and offer a beginning and intermediate program. By alternating your yoga practice with a Pilates program, you will discover your true potential.

Guide to Home Practice

There are so many advantages to a home practice. The first most obvious reason is time. We live in a fast-paced world. It’s not often reasonable to carve two hours out of our day to commute to a studio. With the Glo yoga and meditation app, all you need to feel good about your day is a few minutes. Then, of course, we can think about the cost. The Glo meditation app is extremely affordable, probably cheaper than the gas cost of driving to a studio. Finally, the real beauty is the ability to custom design your sacred space with all the things that make you feel connected.

Glo gives you the power to end each day, having nourished your mind, body, and soul. Just a few minutes and less than one dollar a day is all it takes to fulfill your vision of purpose, power, and pure potential.

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