Regain Your Body After Pregnancy

Your body has a lot of work after pregnancy, no wonder when it worked hard to keep the baby healthy and safe. You will experience physical changes, but also an emotional which are related to stress. These changes are normal, and your body will need some time to heal, so working on your weight should come later.

What can you do?

Before you start with changes, consult with the doctor about your weight. Advises that you get will be very useful.

When it comes to diet, limit sweets and processed food, and include more vegetables, fruit, and water. As for the exercises, ask your doctor when will be the best time for you to start, especially if you had a c section. It is very important to start slowly and to increase your exercises as time goes by. Breastfeeding will burn many calories, so it will be good for you and for your baby.

Surgery procedure

Women who wish to regain their body before pregnancy are undergoing the mommy makeover Sydney from Breast & Body Clinic. This is a procedure that combines different surgery procedures and those are breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast symmetry procedure, abdominoplasty, and liposuction.

Breast augmentation can solve lost volume

Because woman’s breasts and abdomen are affected the most after breastfeeding and pregnancy, the procedures are centered around the stomach and breasts. Breasts are very enlarged during breastfeeding, but when it stops, your breast will lose a lot from its previous volume and they will begin to sag. That will be fixed with breast lift while for breast asymmetry the breast symmetry Surgery according to Breast & Body Clinic is the best option included in a mommy makeover.

Beautiful breasts come with symmetry

During pregnancy, skin, abdominal muscles and other tissue stretches so the baby will be safe. But after birth, it often happens that the skin stays limp, and abdominal muscles do not settle down as they used to. That is why the surgeon will perform a tummy tuck procedure, where your skin will be tightened, your muscles set on the right position, and excess skin will be removed.


Your recovery may take from one to two weeks, but it will depend on the procedure as not every mommy makeover is the same. During this time, you will be swollen, bruised and you will need some pain killers which will be prescribed by your doctor. You cannot lift anything heavy for at least six weeks, and you will need approval from your doctor for exercising.

You must quit smoking a few weeks before the procedure and several months after, because smoking decreases circulation, wound healing is slower and increases chances for serious complications. This can be your chance to stop smoking completely.

Final word

It is not easy to accept the changes on your body after pregnancy. Be determined when you make the decision to reshape your body and consult with the professional if you wish to speed up your transformation and gain better results.

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