Office Syndrome- Cause And Treatments

In recent years, doctors have increasingly used the term “office worker syndrome”. And in this case, we are talking not only (and not so much!) About chronic fatigue and internal burnout syndrome (to put it simply, loss of interest in work), which, according to some statistics, are characteristic of every second office worker. And not even about office cold or flu epidemics. The definition of “office worker syndrome” or “office syndrome” is understood as a whole set of occupational ailments caused by physical inactivity, frequent stress, and other inherent “life companions” of the majority of office workers.

Back Pain, Osteochondrosisand Scoliosis

According to statistics, spinal problems are observed in 80{416884046d3933214dec3c1580a6941592980a979dea792582bcd8e299e32c2d} of office workers over 25 years old. And according to American doctors, 40{416884046d3933214dec3c1580a6941592980a979dea792582bcd8e299e32c2d} of office workers visit a doctor every year for musculoskeletal pain that bothers them. Why – there is no need to explain: sitting at the desk for many hours, and sometimes even in the wrong posture, does not pass without leaving a trace.

Computer Mouse Syndrome, Or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If from frequent use of the mouse you sometimes get numb, your fingers tingle or your hand hurts, be alert. This may be the first sign of illness. A recent study by British doctors, for example, found that one in six office workers who constantly work at a computer have carpal tunnel syndrome of varying degrees of severity. Hand injuries are, in principle, one of the most common office injuries. And the computer mouse is most often to blame for this! An uncomfortable hand position, constant bending in the wrist, and monotonous movements of the mouse cause persistent muscle tension and circulatory disorders, which are fraught with pinching of a nerve in the wrist canal.Back in the late 80s, carpal tunnel syndrome (aka carpal tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome) in the USA, Australia, and many European countries received the normative status of occupational pathology: in severe cases, numbness and pain become permanent, surgery may be required, and treatment and recovery of work capacity take up to several years. This video has exercises that shares how to lessen and prevent Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Those who sit at the computer for a long time blink three to four times less. As a result, the production of lacrimal fluid, which plays the role of a kind of “lubrication” of the eyeball and protects it from drying out and microbes, is significantly reduced. The drying effect of air conditioners also aggravates the problem. Hence the feeling of pain and burning in the eyes, fatigue, a feeling of deterioration in vision.


The doctors of the rehabilitation center and other departments provide qualified assistance and knowledge on what is Office Syndrome (ออฟฟิศ ซิ น โดร ม คือ, which is the term in Thai) for a variety of disorders caused by the “office syndrome”: chronic back pain, neuralgia, varicose veins, tunnel syndrome, headaches, psychosomatic disorders, depression, and anxiety.

You can make an appointment with a pregnancy chiropractor , Osteopath, Phlebologist, psychotherapist or undergo a therapeutic massage to increase vitality, avoid pain syndromes, and get rid of overstrain.