Incredible Korean planet beauty Skincare and Cosmetics That You Must Try

If you’ve ever been to Seoul’s Myeongdong neighbourhood, you’ll know firsthand how many cosmetics stores there are. Since the skin is so important to the South Korean culture, both sexes frequently experiment with new and, at times, bizarre ingredients in the name of skin care. The locals are very proud of their “skin first” philosophy, and all of this effort is made to improve the appearance of their skin. Just search with beauty supply stores open near me and get find out the best one.

The Key Differences

The ingredients, formulations, packaging, approach, and even the purpose of Korean skincare planet beauty products are all distinct from their western counterparts.

Using cosmetics or skin care products

In contrast to the Western tendency to focus on concealing flaws through the use of makeup and specific application methods, the Korean approach to cosmetics is based on the idea that flawless skin is the foundation of beauty. Instead of simply masking skin problems with makeup, the Korean skincare industry seeks to address their root causes.

An estimated 89{dab446a0709d55863a3523b35bb1d2e975244d51710f41d96afb44a6526c50cf} of Korean women would rather spend their money on skincare products than makeup, and this preference is reflected in their purchasing habits.

Products Laid On

Traditional Korean skincare aims to calm and nourish the skin while also keeping it well hydrated. The primary goal of Korean skincare is to replenish lost nutrients, as opposed to the Western practise of exfoliating the skin to reveal fresher skin underneath. Instead of using scrubs, retinols, and other harsh acids, Korean skincare typically takes a milder approach.

Every step of the Korean beauty routine serves a specific purpose. After application, it should be massaged, patted, tapped, or otherwise tapped gently into the skin.

The weather in Korea, which is significantly more extreme than the weather in many western countries, also contributes to the Korean obsession with layering.

Extreme cold and wind are terrible for the skin. As a result, the Korean skincare routine typically involves layering on multiple hydrating products to combat the dry air.

Koreans place a premium on using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

The widespread use of umbrellas, the religious application of sunscreen, and the practise of covering up when going outside all attest to the cultural importance placed on having fair skin in Korea. Historically, this preference reflected social stratification; while working-class women of the past had no choice but to go outside and earn their living, those from more privileged backgrounds could afford to stay inside and enjoy the shade.

Soothing Hydration

Koreans worry a lot about staying hydrated. To achieve the “chok chok” skin effect is their main objective.

Double-Sided Cleansing

The Korean beauty routine of “double cleansing” involves using two different cleansers at night: first, an oil-based cleanser designed to remove makeup from the day before, and then, a foam cleanser designed to remove any lingering impurities.