How do you get rid of nodules from acne?

Having healthy skin does not only make a person look good but also helps a person gain confidence. Taking care of the skin may seem to be familiar with females or women but nowadays male or men have paid attention to their skin health as well. There can be many skin issues that could happen to anyone but the common one is acne. In this DoctorOnCall’s article, we will be learning more about one of the many shapes of acne known as the nodules and how to get rid of it.

Nodular acne is the severe form of acne. It is usually found on the face, chest and back. Similar to other forms of pimples, nodular acne initially starts as a clogged pore. The clogged pore traps dead skin cells, hair and sebum/oil. The bacteria that naturally lives on the skin is then trapped within the clogged pores. This leads to infection and inflammation. Nodular acne is also known as acne that affects the deeper layers of the skin.

In most people, a clogged pore ends up with the appearance of blackhead or zits that clears up in just a few days. However, for those with nodular acne, the clogged pore leads to severe breakouts that often are painful and take time of up to months to clear up. Although anyone of any age can get affected by nodular acne, it is estimated that most cases happen in young male.

Unlike the typical acne, nodular acne does not have the head formation and is hard when touched. This means that squeezing it will not release the pus content inside the nodular acne. Furthermore, it may actually cause more severe inflammation and infection. The nodules may appear the same colour of the skin or slightly red. Many would describe it as hard knots or firm lumps under the skin.

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Since nodular acne usually occurs for more than weeks and up to months, getting rid of it does not only help to prevent scarring and reduce the pain or inflammation, but also prevent one from falling into mental distress. Getting rid of nodules from acne may not be as easy as other forms of acne but there is always hope of treating it. Below are some of the tips you can take to get rid of this kind of acne:

1)  First thing first, make an appointment with a dermatologist. They can help to diagnose your skin condition and provide treatment plans. Plus, nodular acne may not be easily treated with standard over-the-counter (OTC) as the problem lies in the deeper skin. Hence, intensive and specific treatments are a better option.

2)  Oral medications such as isotretinoin, antibiotic or oral contraceptives may be prescribed to help reduce the inflammation and fasten healing process of the acne.

3)  Topical treatments such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and retinoids will be prescribed in forms of gel or cream.

4)  In severe cases, cortisone injections may be recommended by dermatologists to help clear up the acne and improve scarring.

5)  Practise basic skincare hygiene such as using gentle skincare products twice a day, look for non-comedogenic skincare products and avoid touching the face, let alone popping the acne.

6)  Keep stress at bay by practising meditation and relaxation techniques as this can help reduce the inflammation process in the body that is associated with acne flare up.

In essence, nodules from acne are the severe form of acne. It may be difficult for those affected by it to feel happy with their skin but dermatologists can help to treat this skin condition. Nodules from acne are best treated by dermatologists and not merely by using OTC products. Remember to always follow doctor’s advice when taking medications prescribed.

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