Finger Wipes to Go with You When Traveling

One item that most diabetics need is finger wipes. This is for use when pricking your finger to check your blood and most of those individuals living with diabetes can use these. They do not interfere with blood glucose testing results.

Finger wipes

These finger wipes are infused with Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% solution and are quite effective in cleaning the skin, removing impurities such as dirt or food residue that could interfere with glucose readings and management of your diabetes. They are sold in a very convenient packet that is resealable and helps to keep the wipes always moist and fresh. Convenient for a person who travels a lot.


Their compact size allows each individual packet to fit comfortably in:

  • A travel bag
  • Pocket
  • Diabetes testing kit

So, they can be used no matter where you go. The perfect number of wipes for your every day needs come 25 wipes per pack with each individual resealable packet being small so it fits easily anywhere you want to store them.

Easy to travel with

These Glucology™¬†Finger Cleaning Wipes are made from ingredients that are hospital grade and are designed to clean your skin easily and safely. They are travel friendly so can be taken wherever you are going. When using keep out of your eyes, mouth, and ears. If that does occur, rinse with cold water immediately. These should not be used by anyone having allergies to chlorhexidine gluconate.

Use with other products

These packets can be used with any of the other products on this website and fit perfectly into any of the travel cases that are sold on this website. Everything you would ever need if you are a diabetic and want to travel. Having diabetes should not stop a person from living a well-rounded life including traveling or camping.

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