All you Need to Know about Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Fold Surgery, which is even referred to as Double Eyelid Surgery. It is a special kind of surgery, which helps in creating a distinct break in upper eyelids. The main intention of this surgery is to improve the eyelid contouring and to complement all the natural features.

However, with the variations in the eyelids, not every eye does have the double fold. It can be well understood with the creasing at the upper portion of the eyelid. This creasing is the aesthetic preference for both men and women. It even helps with the easy application of makeup.

The Thing to keep in Mind

The placement of these eyes folds helps in giving a natural look. However, the fold must be precisely placed in symmetry on the eyelids. But make sure the treatment done with the non-specialist certainly brings in a lot of disappointment as they make use of the textbooks only, which recommends making of the high crease. The surgeon who does not possess any sort of specialization and experience to conduct the surgery may come up with adverse solutions. So, to fetch a natural look, it is important to look for an experienced surgeon who would understand the intricacies of the surgery. Every eye is different, and hence operations need to be conducted as per the requirements. So, a surgeon needs to work with a conservative approach. He should work to complement the definition of the eyelids rather than changing the outlook of the eye.

Not only the oculoplastic surgeon but also the methods being put in use to create this double fold’s matters. There are two ways of creating the fold. One of the methods is Double eyelid (ตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai) surgery, and another approach is by making use of the sutures. Sutures are the temporary stitch work, which helps in creating a crease in the upper eyelid. To have a permanent improvement and redefined look, one must opt for the surgical method as the sutures fail in delivering long-lasting effects.

No doubt, not everyone wishes to look beautiful. Rather attempts are made to always give a better appearance of the eyes. Surgical work is done with precision by removing all the platforms of skin and tensioning it carefully. Therefore, this Double eyelid surgery is always considered to be beneficial to enhance the look of the person.

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